Jammer Summer Classic
August 2, 2003   Final Results

Note: Wrestlers were permitted to wrestle in two divisions so names may appear twice.

Middle School (both grade 5-6 & 7-8 divisions)

Championship Finals

140 lb. Kornealius Wood (Belfast) - First, Bo Richards (Hermon) - Second

76 lb. Chianne Simmons (MCWC) - First, Jacob Powers (MCWC) - Second

96 lb. Tyler Stark (MCWC) def. Murph McGowan (MCWC) 4-2 (OT)

103 lb. Zachary Monroe (MCWC) def. Wesley Colson (MCWC) Pin at 0:59

117 lb. John Hussey (Marshwood) def. Jacob Berry (MCWC) 5-0

135 lb. Jerod Rideout (Dover Foxcroft) def. Ian Adams (Biddeford) Major Dec. 8-0

203 lb. Gibby Bryant (MCWC) - First, Paul Richards (Hermon) - Second

Consolation Finals

140 lb. Sam Joy (Island Wrestling) - Third

76 lb. Qasey Perry (Brewer) - Third, Andrew Kelly (Belfast) - Fourth

96 lb. Matt Rix (Marshwood) def. Mackenzie Kelly (MCWC) Major Dec. 10-2

103 lb. Mackenzie Kelly (MCWC) def. Jeremy Bowen (Brewer) Major Dec. 9-0

117 lb. Cedric Maguire (Wiscasset) def. Shannon Hall (Massabesic) Pin at 0:54

135 lb. Nick Howard (Woodland) def. David Hall (MCWC) Pin at 0:29

203 lb. Daniel Proulx (Woodland)


Elementary Grades 1-2

Championship Finals

50 lb. Tucker Lee (Saratoga NY) def. DC Alexander (Herman) 4-0

Consolation Finals

50 lb. Jonathan Crocker (St Albans) def. Brooks Bumbalo (MCWC) 12-6

Elementary Grades 3-4

Championship Finals

62 lb. Jared Jensen (Eagle) def. Tom Cassidy (MCWC) 9-7

Consolation Finals

62 lb. Coleman Powers (MCWC) def. Nicholas Bishop (Hermon) Major Dec. 15-5

High School

Championship Finals

107 lb. Jacob Berry (MCWC) def. Alex Smith (Brewer) 6-0

119 lb. Anthony Moriarty (Marshwood) def. John Hussey (Marshwood) Major Dec. 11-2

127 lb. Chris Barkac (Dexter) def. Jake Rollins (MCWC) Pin at 2:47

134 lb. Norman Gilmore (Belfast) def. Robert Reynold (Belfast) 9-3

145 lb. Mike Dumas (Marshwood) def. Gregg Delisle (So Me Trappers) 9-2

152 lb. Peter Forst (MCWC) def. Shawn Hall (Massabesic) Major Dec. 13-4

160 lb. Harry Pearson (MCWC) def. Clifford Gardner (Mt View) 5-4

174 lb. Tad Butterfield (So Me Trappers) def. Steve Cummings (Belfast) 5-0

200 lb. Brent Brawn (Nokomis) def. Barrett Hoskins (Winslow) 2-1

240 lb. Justin Bowen (Brewer) def. Matt Hess (Valhalla) 3-0

Consolation Finals

107 lb. Jeremiah Barkac (Dexter) def. Ben Cox (Mt Ararat) Pin at 2:59

119 lb. Dustin Gardner (Mt View) def. Brooks Dow (Erskine) 8-3

127 lb. Jack Pike (Oxford Hills) def. Tony Gilmore (Belfast) 6-1

134 lb. Cody Laite (MCWC) def. Wess Danforth (Monmoth) 2-0

145 lb. Chris Fraser (Erskine) def. Brett Burnside (MCWC) 9-7

152 lb. Devin Brann (Dirigo) def. Kyle Stark (Hermon) 5-4

160 lb. Matthew Creamer (MCWC) def. Mike Smith (Mt Ararat) 2-0

174 lb. Chris Proulx (Woodland Rec) def. Kyle Dolloff (Dirigo) Tech Fall 18-2

200 lb. Nathaniel Boehmer (MCWC) def. Darren Ripley (Woodland Rec) 5-2

240 lb. Tyler Guerin (Valhalla) def. Wayne Wellwood (MCWC) 6-5


Championship Finals

132 lb. Norman Gilmore (Belfast) def. Cody Laite (MCWC) Pin at 1:32

147 lb. Aaron Henderson (MCWC) def. Chris Fraser (Erskine) 6-2

174 lb. Clifford Gardner (Mt View) def. Harry Pearson (MCWC) 11-5

211 lb. Patrick Kelly (MCWC) def. Pat Vigue (Erskine) Major Dec. 9-0

259 lb. Justin Bowen (Brewer) - First, Adam Joy - Second

Consolation Finals

132 lb. Wess Danforth (Monmouth) def. Dustin Gardner (Mt View) 7-5

147 lb. Darren Robbins (MCWC) def. Roderick Russell (Hermon) Pin at 1:47

174 lb. Steve Cummings (Belfast) def. Curtis Brann (Dirigo) Pin at 1:30

211 lb. Art Smith (MCWC) def. Brent Brawn (Nokomis) 7-5

259 lb. Tyler Guerin (Valhalla)


Thanks to Aaron Henderson for Tournament Results

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