Maine High School Wrestling
Maine Results at 2009 New Englands
March 6 & March 7, 2009 @ Hillhouse High School, New Haven CT

ME1/A1  Gage DeRosier (Massabesic) Lost DQ NH3  Zach Bridson (Timberlane)  2nd Place finisher
  Lost Forfeit ME3  Caleb Hall (Dirigo)
ME2/B1  Ryan Burgess (Mtn Valley) Lost Dec 7-6 MA5 Andrew Gauthier (Lowell)
  Won Dec 8-4 NH2  Mike Trask (Merrimack)
  Won Pin 5:03 CT4  Dylan Bryant (Danbury)
  Lost Dec 7-4 NH1  Tanner Burke (Pinkerton)
ME3/C1  Caleb Hall (Dirigo) Lost Pin 2:20 MA4  Daniel Salgado (Springfield Central)
  Won Forfeit ME1  Gage DeRosier (Massabesic)
  Lost TF 16-0 RI2  Devon Hurst (Warwick Vets)

Gage was leading in his match against Bridson when he was DQ'd late in the 3rd period.  At the most a terrible call, at the least, very questionable.  All three Maine wrestlers are underclassmen and may get another shot.

ME1/A1  Jake Rasque (Marshwood) Lost Dec 6-3 CT4  Doug Fontaine (Southington)
  Won Pin 0:30 MA3  John Coukos (Framingham)
  Lost Dec 6-1 NH1  Bob Daniels (Concord)  6th Place finisher
ME2/B1  Vanya Tomaszewski (Wells) Lost Pin 3:03 RI2  Pat Malaghan (Westerly)
  Won Pin 0:43 NH2  Zachary Hicks (Salem)
  Lost Pin 2:05 CT3  Victor Ekpenyong (Middletown)
ME3/C1  Forrest Cornell (Lisbon) Lost Dec 8-5 RI3  Steve Duran (Cranston West)
  Lost Pin 4:18 VT2  Kody Murray (Middlebury)

All three Maine wrestlers are sophomores and may get another shot.

ME1/A1  Matt DelGallo (Gardiner) Lost Dec 10-5 MA3  Conner David (King Phillip)
  Won Pin 2:14 CT3  Tyler Tilbe (Nonnewaug)
  Lost Dec 15-8 MA5  Mike Sugarmeyer (Minnechaug)  6th Place finisher
ME2/B1  Brandon Wright (MCI) Won Pin 1:59 MA5  Mike Sugarmeter (Minnechaug)  6th Place finisher
  Lost MD 11-2 RI1  Jaron Parent (Cumberland)
  Lost Dec 4-1 MA4  Colin Houghton (Quabbin)
ME3/C1  Scott Carpenter (Calais) Won Dec 5-2 MA2 Dan Gilman (Framingham)
  Lost MD 11-3 MA6 Greg Bohenko (Westford)
  Lost Dec 4-2 NH3 Jeff Cole (Oyster River)

ME1/A1  Ryan Toussaint (Deering) * 2nd place Won Dec 1-0 MA5 TJ Crabtree (St Johns Prep)
  Won Dec 6-5 MA1 Nick Flannery (Framingham)
  Won Dec 3-1 MA4 Joe Pronk (Marshfield) 4th Place finisher
  Lost MD 10-0 RI1 Mike Meyers (Warwick Vets) Champion
ME2/C1  Mike McNamara (Lisbon) Lost MD 14-1 MA2 Josh Gerry (Quincy) 5th Place finisher
  Won Dec 4-1 VT3 Matt Simpson (Randolph)
  Lost Pin 2:45 CT2 Brandon Thuotte (Killingly)
ME3/B1  Craig Morrill (Oak Hill) Lost Pin 5:35 MA3 George Wilson (Springfield Central) 3rd Place finisher
  Lost MD 10-0 NH1 Cam Sullivan (Timberlane)

ME1/A1  Jake Bagley (Noble) Won Dec 9-4 MA4 Kevin Fleming (Chelmsford)
  Lost MD 19-6 RI2 Alex Hayek (East Greenwich) Champion
  Won Pin 1:37 MA2 Eric Davidson (Natick)
  Lost Dec 9-2 VT1 Jordan Gray (Essex) 6th Place finisher
C1/Brian O'Connor (Dexter) Injured Did not wrestle
ME2/B1  Zac Fields (Camden Hills) Lost Dec 13-6 MA6 Curtis Gomes (New Bedford)
  Lost Dec 9-4 MA4 Kevin Flemming (Chelmsford)

ME1/B1  Ernie Matthews (Mtn Valley) Won Dec 9-6 MA4 Jordan Michelson (Needham)
  Lost Dec 5-0 CT3 Curtis Watkins (Fairfield Warde) 4th Place finisher
  Lost Dec 6-2 MA6 Eric Harrison (Weymouth) 6th Place finisher
ME2/A1  Bryan Anderson (Noble) Lost Dec 11-10 NH2 Jared Crain (Wes)
  Won MD 12-2 RI3 Seth Noon (South Kingstown)
  Won Pin 0:38 MA3 Roy Marshall (Bridgewater-Raynham)
  Lost Dec 6-2 CT2 Kevin Moss (Berlin)
ME3/C1  Brandon Jonaitis (Dirigo) Lost TF 19-4 MA6 Eric Harrison (Weymouth) 6th Place finisher
  Lost Pin 4:14 MA5 Jerry Joubert (Framingham)

ME1/A1  Peter Gilman (Massabesic) * 2nd place Won MD 12-3 MA5 Paul Reggiannini (Quincy)
  Won Dec 3-1 CT1 Tom Abbate (Xavier)
  Won MD 11-2 MA2 Kevin Barrucci (Burlington)
  Lost Dec 6-3 MA4 Dan Telhada (Franklin) Champion
ME2/B1  Jack Simpkins (Camden Hills) Lost Dec 5-3 CT2 Jesse Broderick (New Fairfield) 5th Place finisher
  Won Pin 3:48 VT2 Brett Tremblay (Spaulding)
  Won Pin 1:47 RI3 Cory Giblin (Cranston West)
  Lost Dec 6-2 NH1 Colin Crowell (Pinkerton) 3rd Place finisher
ME3/C1  Ronald Harvey (Dexter) Lost TF 16-0 CT3 Ryan Clarke (East Lyme)
  Lost Pin 3:33 VT3 Mike Smith (Rutland)

ME1/A1  Joey Eon (Massabesic) * 2nd place Won Dec 3-2 MA5 Mike Gibson (Natick)
  Won Dec 6-1 MA2 Brandon Fleming (Marshfield) 3rd Place finisher
  Won Dec 4-3  MA3 Jack DiBurro (Central Catholic) 6th Place finisher
  Lost Dec 9-? MA1 Victor DeJesus (Lowell) Champion
ME2/B1  Billy Gauthier (York) Lost Dec 3-2 NH2 Dylan Lockard (Timberlane)
  Won Pin 0:54 CT3 Justin Scalise (Hall)
  Lost Dec 6-3 MA4 Kyle Senechal (North Attleboro)
ME3/C1  Marcus Bubar (Lisbon) Won Dec 13-7 NH3 Jon Porter (Alvrine)
  Lost Pin 1:57 VT1 Travis Garrett (Mt Mansfield)
  Lost Dec 4-2 RI2 Jackson Maroni (Cranston East)

ME1/B1  Zach Shellabarger (Belfast) Won Dec 4-2 MA3 Tom Holt (Haverhill)
  Lost Dec 3-1 NH1 Cody Byrd (Londonderry) Champion
  Won Dec 7-5 ME2 Peter Bronder (Noble)
  Lost Dec 3-1 OT MA6 Matt Dehney (Dracut) 3rd Place finisher
ME2/A1  Peter Bronder (Noble) Won Pin 0:46 MA4 Amadu Jalloh (Lowell)
  Lost Dec 6-2 CT1 Andrew Ford (Bethel) 2nd Place finisher
  Won Pin 2:02 CT3 Devin Carillo (Middletown)
  Won Med Forfeit RI3 TJ Capaldi (Westerly)
  Lost Dec 7-5 ME1 Zach Shellabarger (Belfast)
ME3/C1  Kyle Huston (Lisbon) Lost MD 15-2 CT4 Alex Carpenter (Amity)
  Lost Med Forfeit MA3 Tom Holt (Haverhill)

Zach had a very tough draw.  He lost a close 3-1 decision to the eventual Champion and a 3-1 OT decision to the 3rd place finisher.

ME1/B1  Kote Aldus (Belfast) Lost ? MA3 Nick Bedard (Lowell)
  Won MD 13-2 MA5 Emmannuel Howard (Sharon)
  Won MD 19-9 VT2 Cole Frost (Mt Anthony)
  Lost DQ Flagrant CT2 Mike Monson (Southington) 6th Place finisher

ME2/A1  Dillon White (Skowhegan)

Lost Dec 6-1 CT2 Mike Monson (Southington) 6th Place finisher
  Lost Dec 11-9 MA6 Ralphy Marquez (West Springfield)
ME3/C2  Josh Palmer (Dirigo) Lost Dec 1-0 CT3 Shane Sullivan (Ledyard)
  Lost Dec 12-7 VT2 Cole Frost (Mt Anthony)

ME1/A1  Tyler Russell (Morse) Won Dec 7-1 MA3 Alex Najjar (Shawsheen)
  Lost Dec 9-8 RI1 Connor Nelson (South Kingstown) 5th Place finisher
  Won Dec 7-5 NH1 Eric Petrillo (Timberlane)
  Lost Dec 3-1 OT MA4 Matt Willey (Arlington) 6th Place finisher
ME2/C1  Cameron Bubar (Lisbon) Won Pin 3:56 VT2 Bryant Cleveland (Spaulding)
  Lost Dec 10-6 CT1 Tim Vollaro (Somers) 2nd Place finisher
  Won Dec 2-1 MA5 Alex Giampapa (Burlington)
  Lost Pin 2:18 MA1 Joel Altavesta (Tewksbury) 4th Place finisher
ME3/A2  Stephen Martin (Bonny Eagle) * 3rd place Won TF 18-2 VT3 Joe Durfee (Fair Haven)
  Won Dec 7-1 NH1 Eric Petrillo (Timberlane)
  Won Pin 1:38 MA1 Joel Altavesta (Tewksbury) 4th Place finisher
  Lost Dec 10-8 CT1 Tim Vollaro (Somers) 2nd Place finisher
  Won Dec 7-4 MA4 Matt Willey (Arlington) 6th Place finisher
  Won Dec 10-6 MA1 Joel Altavesta (Tewksbury) 4th Place finisher

ME1/B1  Travis Spencer (Belfast) * 2nd place Won Pin 5:20 NH2 Jonathan Kilgore (Milford) 
  Won TF 17-0 MA1 Joey DeCarlo (Lexington)
  Won Dec 5-2 RI1 Steve Saul (LaSalle) 3rd Place finisher
  Lost Dec 4-2 CT1 Lucas Bowman (St Bernard) Champion
ME2/A1  Alexander Holland (Massabesic) Lost Pin 2:17 RI2 Josh Manu (North Providence) 4th Place finisher
  Won Pin 0:40 MA5 Pat Cronin (Arlington)
  Lost Pin 2:38 CT2 Dillon Ritchie (Southington) 6th Place finisher
ME3/C1  Doug Richardson (Dexter) Lost TF 18-2 MA2 Blake McNulty (Framingham)
  Lost Dec 10-8 MA4 Steve Wrona (West Springfield)

ME1/C1  Joe Doughty (Lisbon) Won Pin 1:59 CT3 Travis Koch (Windham)
  Lost Dec 14-7 MA5 Ricky Caruso (Waltham)
  Lost Pin 4:36 RI1 Doug Johnson (Toll Gate)
ME2/A1  Andrew Drouin (Westbrook) Lost Dec 7-1 VT2 Kyle Lane (Mt Anthony)
  Lost Pin 0:45 NH2 Ian Wedemeyer (Bow)
ME3/B1  Mark Smith (Belfast) Lost Pin 3:37 MA2 Josh Boyd (Catholic Memorial) 6th Place finisher
  Lost Pin 1:14 CT2 Pat Gillen (Shelton)

ME1/B1  Mark Heathcote (Central) Lost Dec 11-3 CT2 Tim Chambers (Bristol Central) 6th Place finisher
  Lost Pin 1:27 ME3 Shawn White (Cony)
ME2/C1  Dan Schofield (Lisbon) Lost Pin 0:15 CT4 Lloyd Brown (East Hartford)
  Lost Pin 5:30 RI2 Harry Northrup (South Kingstown)
ME3/A2  Shawn White (Cony) Lost Dec 9-5 MA4 Doug Vollaro (Cathedral) 5th Place finisher
  Won Pin 2:16 VT1 Mike Strong (Vergennes)
  Won Pin 1:27 ME1 Mark Heathcote (Central)
  Lost MD 20-7 MA1 James Muirhead (Middleboro)

Outstanding Wrestler: ?

Top 10 Teams

Scoring Maine Teams

1st Timberlane NH 110.0   7th


2nd Cranston West RI 91.5 23rd


3rd Cumberland RI 58.0 T32nd


4th Lowell MA 56.0 40th

Bonny Eagle

5th Concord NH 55.0 T41st


6th Danbury CT 47.0 T48th


7th Massabesic ME 46.0 T70th

Mtn Valley

8th Greater Lawrence MA 44.0 T85th

Camden Hills

9th Framingham MA 37.5 T85th


T10th Burlington MA 37.0 T98th


T10th Pinkerton NH 37.0 T106th





 teams scored points T115th











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