Maine High School Wrestling
Maine Results at 2008 New Englands
February 29 & March 1, 2008 @ Lowell High School, Lowell MA

ME1/B1  Carlin Dubay (Caribou) * New England Champion ! Won dec 8-6 RI3 Kyle Bousquet (Burrillville)
  Won dec 7-2 MA2 Corey Melo (New Bedford
  Won pin 1:55 MA6 Chad Roberts (East Longmeadow) 3rd place finisher
  Won dec 12-6 NH1 Cam Sullivan (Timberlane) * 2nd place finisher
ME2/A1  DJ Brackett (Morse) Won dec 8-4 VT3 Cyle Weyant (Bellows Falls)
  Won dec 13-6 RI1 Pat Malaghan (Westerly)
  Lost pin 5:47 NH1 Cam Sullivan (Timberlane) * 2nd place finisher
  Lost dec 10-9 MA5 Sam Shames (Newton North) 6th place finisher
ME3/C1  Forrest Cornell (Lisbon) Won dec 9-2 VT2 Devin Sandon (Essex)
  Won pin 1:15 MA1 Nick Flannery (Framingham)
  Lost md 16-3 MA4 Charlie Grasia (Foxboro) * 5th place finisher
  Lost pin 3:06 CT2 Victor Ekpenyong (Middletown)

Carlin Dubay: New England Champion * Undefeated all year!  All three Maine wrestlers each won at least two matches!  Brackett and Cornell (freshman) will both be around next year.

ME1/A1  Matt DelGallo (Gardiner) * 5th place Won dec 7-6 MA4 Connor David (King Philip)
  Won dec 14-10 CT2 West Johnson (Platt) * 6th place finisher
  Lost dec 11-4 MA1 Brandon Gauthier (Lowell) * Champion
  Lost md 12-1 VT1 Jordan Gray (Essex) * 4th place finisher
  Won pin 4:40 CT2 West Johnson (Platt) * 6th place finisher
ME2/B1  Vanya Tomeszewski (Wells) Lost md 10-2 MA2 Miguel Guzman (Greater Lawrence) * 3rd place finisher
  Lost pin 1:56 VT1 Jordan Gray (Essex) * 4th place finisher
ME3/C1  Brandon Briggs (Mattanawcook) Lost pin 5:29 MA3 Dan Gillman (Framingham)

DelGallo medaled as a sophomore ... two more chances for the gold!

ME1/A1  Chris Smith (Deering) * 4th place Won dec 4-0 CT3 Anthony Ricco (Stratford)
  Lost dec 8-7 MA1 Kenny Anderson (Billerica) * Champion
  Won pin 2:01 NH3 John Hall (Concord)
  Won md 9-0 MA4 Brian Clay (Mt Everett)
  Won dec 7-5 MA3 Franschesco Ortiz (Greater Lawrence) * 5th place finisher
  Lost md 12-3 VT1 Jacob Shortt (Mt Anthony) * 3rd place finisher
ME2/B1  Jimmy Cryer (Wells) Lost md 10-0 MA2 Kenny Francis (New Bedford)
ME3/C1  Brett Staples (Dirigo) Did not wrestle  

Chris lost a close 8-7 decision to eventual champion Kenny Anderson.  Chris also medaled at New Englands last year!

ME1/A1  Zach Clarke (Sanford) Lost dec 4-3 RI2 Kyle Salliant (Cranston East)
ME2/B1  Billy Gauthier (York) Won pin 2:13 VT3 Matt Simpson (Randolph)
  Lost dec 5-0 MA1 Scott Coull (Plymouth South)
ME3/C1  Brian O'Connor (Dexter) Lost dec 9-5 MA4 Derek Jordan (Hudson)

Clarke and Gauthier are juniors and may get another shot.

ME1/A1  Sam Webber (Mt Blue)  Won dec 7-1 MA5 Ben Wright (Springfield Central)
  Lost md 14-2 MA1 John Sughrue (Methuen) * Champion
  Lost dec 2-1 ot tb CT3 Mike Battinelli (Stamford) * 4th place finisher
ME2/B1  Murphy McGowan (Camden Hills) Won pin 1:55 CT4 Andrew Blain (Windham)
  Lost pin 4:48 RI1 Jessy Penney (Toll Gate) * 5th place finisher
  Won inj default MA2 Mike Testa (Wayland)
  Lost pin 3:33 VT1 Scott Legacy (Mt Anthony) * 3rd place finisher
ME3/C1  Ron Harvey (Dexter) Lost md 9-1 MA3 Richie Wingert (Catholic Memorial)

All of Webber's & McGowan's losses were to medalists.  Harvey is a junior and has another chance.

ME1/B1  Cinjin Goewey (MCI) * 6th place Won md 15-5 CT3 Brian Onofrio (Hand)
  Won dec 6-4 MA5 Peadlair Flood (Scituate) * 5th place finisher
  Lost pin 1:33 MA1 Tim Rich (Chelmsford) * Champion
  Lost md 13-5 MA3 Jeff McKinnon (Lincoln-Sudbury) * 4th place finisher
  Lost pin 2:39 MA5 Peadlair Flood (Scituate) * 5th place finisher
ME2/C1  Derek Daley (Dirigo) Lost md 10-1 MA3 Jeff McKinnon (Lincoln-Sudbury) * 4th place finisher
ME3/A1  Mark Richardson (Noble) Won md 10-5 CT4 Jesse Inman (Stratford)
  Won pin 5:50 NH1 Alex Pittera (Salem)
  Lost md 11-3 MA2 Kevin Barucci (Burlington) * 3rd place finisher
  Won pin 2:06 VT2 Dan Pierce (Mt Anthony)
  Lost pin 3:29 MA3 Jeff McKinnon (Lincoln-Sudbury) * 4th place finisher

All three Mainers lost to MA3 Jeff McKinnon (Lincoln-Sudbury) * 4th place finisher.  Richardson (junior) may get another chance in 2009.

ME1/A1  Joe Eon (Massabesic) * 4th place Won dec 8-1 RI3 Joe Simone (North Providence)
  Lost dec 4-1 MA2 Evan Connors (Lowell) * Champion
  Won dec 3-1 NH2 John Meadows (Concord)
  Won dec 4-1 CT1 CJ Satti (Ledyard)
  Won forfeit  
  Lost dec 4-2 VT1 Matt Parisi (Mt Anthony) * 3rd place finisher
ME2/B1  Derek Sicotte (Mtn Valley) Did not wrestle  
ME3/C1  Marcus Bubar (Lisbon) Won dec 4-2 VT3 Brett Tremblay (Spaulding)
  Lost dec 15-8 RI1 Jacob Matthews (Middletown) * 2nd place finisher
  Lost dec 8-7 CT3 Mike Vernik (Amity) * 5th place finisher

Eon started in the tough upper bracket and had to face Connors in the quarterfinals.  Last year he wrestled back for a third and this year wrestled back for a 4th place.  Eon gets another shot next year and Bubar (sophomore) may get a couple more chances.

ME1/C1  Jon Smith (Dirigo) * 2nd place Won md 17-5 VT2 Zak Randall (Mt Anthony)
  Won pin 2:37 CT2 TJ Magnoli (Rocky Hill)
  Won md 16-3 NH1 Jarad Smith (Timberlane) * 5th place finisher
  Lost dec 6-3 CT1 Derek Fish (Hand) * Champion
ME2/B1  Jacob Berry (Camden Hills) * 3rd place Won dec 8-3 MA2 Max Lewin (Wayland)
  Lost dec 11-9 VT1 Travis Garrett (Mt Mansfield) * 6th place finisher
  Won pin 1:55 CT4 Juan Flores (Killingly)
  Won dec 6-1 MA3 Matt Donohoe (Tyngsboro)
  Won dec 9-4 NH1 Jarad Smith (Timberlane) * 5th place finisher
  Won dec 2-1 ot CT3 Erialy Pierre-Saint (Stamford) 4th place finisher
ME3/A1  Peter Bronder (Noble) Lost dec 7-5 MA3 Matt Donohoe (Tyngsboro)

Smith looked great his 1st three matches, dominating his opponents.  Couldn't carry this momentum into the finals.  Jacob Berry lost a close decision to Garrett in the quarterfinals then fought back with 4 consecutive wins to take third.  Berry also placed (5th) at New Englands last year.  Bronder had a tough 1st match opponent in Donohoe.  Donohoe was ranked #1 in Massachusetts for a good part of the year.  Being a junior, Bronder should do well here next year.  It has been a great pleasure watching Smith and Berry's progress since their peewee days.  Both have been successful from the beginning and I'll definitely miss watching them next year.

ME1/A1  Steve Martin (Bonny Eagle) Lost md 10-2 CT3 Mike Bellagamba (New Milford)
ME2/C1  Josh Harvey (Dexter) Lost md 17-3 MA2 Chris Delarosa (Greater Lawrence) * 6th place finisher
  Lost pin 0:59 MA6 Tim Sheehan (Chelmsford)
ME3/B1  Cody Poland (Lincoln) Did not wrestle  

Martin will probably get another shot next year.

ME1/A1  Jon Hussey (Marshwood)  Lost dec 10-4 RI2 Alfred Raymond (Cranston West)

ME2/B1  Kote Aldus (Belfast) * New England Champion !

Won tf 19-2 VT3 Mike Summer (St Johnsbury)
  Won pin 3:50 MA1 Travis Moran (Natick) * 3rd place finisher
  Won dec 13-7 NH1 Evan Carter (Alvirne)
  Won dec 5-4 CT2 Trevor Ritchie (Southington) * 4th place finisher
  Won dec 6-0 CT1 Ron Thompson (Westhill) * 2nd place finisher
ME3/C1  Jerod Rideout (Foxcroft) Lost dec 10-8 MA4 Chris Chretien (North Attleborough)

What can you say?  Kote Aldus, New England Champion as a sophomore!  Unreal!

ME1/A1  Josh Eon (Massabesic) * 2nd place Won pin 5:10 MA5 Colm Sullivan (Lowell)
  Won pin 4:35 MA1 Nick Colace (Franklin) * 5th place finisher
  Won pin 4:14 CT2 Cody Griswold (New Milford) * 6th place finisher
  Lost dec 5-4 VT1 Robert Hamlin (Mt Mansfield) * Champion
ME2/B1  Mike Rolerson (Belfast) Won pin 2:20 CT4 Tim Dark (Manchester)
  Won pin 0:56 RI1 Josh Manu (North Providence)
  Lost pin 0:33 MA2 Nick DiAntonio (Milford) * 4th place finisher
  Won pin 2:22 NH2 Rob Garcia (Concord)
  Lost pin 1:45 MA3 George Hargrove (Springfield Central) * 3rd place finisher
ME3/C1  Jon Pelletier (Bucksport) Lost tf 15-0 MA3 George Hargrove (Springfield Central) * 3rd place finisher

Eon makes it to the finals for the second year in a row.  Quite an accomplishment.  Also medaled as a sophomore.  Tough finals match up with Robert Hamlin who won his 3rd New England title.  Pelletier & Rolerson both knocked out by a tough MA3.

ME1/B1  Travis Spencer (Belfast) * 3rd place Won tf 16-0 CT3 Lawton Arnold (Simsbury)
  Won dec 9-6 VT1 Matt McVay (Mt Anthony)
  Lost dec 5-2 MA1 Mike Leavitt (Central Catholic) * 2nd place finisher
  Won pin 1:40 NH1 Mike Grillakis (Nashua South) * 5th place finisher
  Won dec 6-2 MA4 Connor McNamara (Winchester) * 4th place finisher
ME2/A1  Zack Chandler (Mt Ararat) Lost md 10-2 MA3 Kyle Kummer (North Attleborough)
ME3/C1  Jim LaMarca (Traip) Lost dec 4-2 CT4 Shane Battista (Waterford)
Spencer lost a heartbreaker in the semi finals but came back and won out for 3rd.  Spencer and Chandler may get another chance next year.

ME1/A1  Raistlin Delisle (Kennebunk) * 6th place Won md 19-6 CT4 Travis Koch (Windham)
  Won pin 1:49 NH2 Jacob Gagnon (Manchester Memorial) * 3rd place finisher
  Lost dec 9-7 CT1 Richard Perry (Middletown) * 2nd place finisher
  Lost dec 6-5 MA5 Derek Lowe (Tewksbury) * 4th place finisher
  Lost dec 6-3 NH1 Marshall Gleason (Concord) * 5th place finisher
ME2/B1  PJ Richards (Hermon) Won pin 1:00 VT3 Eric Becker (Otter Valley)
  Won md 8-0 RI1 Tim Bulk (Middletown)
  Lost dec 10-4 NH1 Marshall Gleason (Concord) * 5th place finisher
  Lost pin 3:51 MA5 Derek Lowe (Tewksbury) * 4th place finisher
ME3/C1  Lee Morgan (Dexter) Won md 9-0 VT2 Lucas Bowman (Mill River)
  Lost pin 0:46 MA1 Brett Wyman (Bridgewater-Raynham) * Champion
  Lost md 13-5 MA4 Donald McNeil (King Philip)

All three Maine wrestlers won a match.  All of Delisle's losses were close matches.

ME1/A1  Nate Lavallee (Cape Elizabeth) * 2nd place Won dec 9-2 VT2 Matt Theriault (Rutland)
  Won pin 4:26 CT2 Tim Chambers (Bristol Central) * 4th place finisher
  Won dec 3-2 MA1 Rich Wapeni (Bridgewater-Raynham) * 3rd place finisher
  Lost dec 5-2 NH3 Brian Nicoll (Timberlane) * Champion
ME2/B1  Mark Heathcote (Central) Lost dec 3-2 OT TB MA2 Mike Gregory (Greater Lowell) * 6th place finisher
  Lost dec 4-2 VT1 Ethan Furlon (Mt Anthony)
ME3/C1  John Hatt (Calais) Lost pin 3:00 MA3 Matt Ramos (Woburn)
Nate Lavallee almost on top, will be back next year.  Heathcote lost a heartbreaker to Gregory and then another close one to Furlon.

Outstanding Wrestler: Trevor Deardon (Salem NH)

Trevor Deardon (Salem NH) & Robert Hamlin (Mt Mansfield VT) each won their 3rd New England title.

By The Numbers:

Top 10 Teams

Scoring Maine Teams

1st Timberlane NH 73.0 Belfast 3rd 48.5
2nd Mt Anthony VT 64.5 Massabesic 8th 38.0
3rd Belfast ME 48.5 Caribou 18th 24.0
4th Lowell MA 48.0 Dirigo 20th 22.0
5th Chelmsford MA 45.5 Cape Elizabeth 26th 20.0
6th Griswold CT 44.5 Camden Hills 30th 19.0
7th Bridgewater-Raynham MA 42.0 Deering 38th 15.0
8th Massabesic ME 38.0 Gardiner 55th 11.0
9th Greater Lawrence MA 37.0 Kennebunk 57th 10.0
10th Mt Mansfield VT 32.0 Noble 65th 7.0

Lisbon 73rd 4.0
91 teams scored points Hermon 76th 3.0
Morse 82nd 2.0
Mt Blue 82nd 2.0


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