Maine High School Wrestling
Maine Results at 2007 New Englands
March 2 & 3, 2007 @ Hillhouse High School, New Haven, CT

ME1/B1  Carlin Dubay (Caribou) Lost (TF 16-0 5:46) CT3 Noah Smutnick (Woodstock) * 4th Place Finisher
  Won (TF 16-0) NH3 Mike Perruccio (Pelham)
  Lost (Dec 4-0) VT1 Jordan Gray (Essex)
ME2/A1  Dalton Groeger (Bonny Eagle) Lost (Pin 3:58) MA3 Simon Kitzis (Newton South) Champion
  Won (TF 17-2) RI2 Greg Packem (N Kingstown)
  Lost (Dec 14-13)  CT1 Ken Valez (Wethersfield) 6th Place Finisher
ME3/C1  Michael O'Connor (Dexter) Lost (TF 22-6) CT4 John Lemoine (Trumbull)

ME1/C1  Jeremiah Barkac (Dexter) * 2nd Place Won (MD 16-6) CT4 Anthony Ricco (Stratford)
  Won (Dec 9-5) MA2 Jose Cabrera (Springfield Central) 4th Place Finisher
  Won (Dec 10-5) VT1 Jacob Shortt (Mt Anthony) 3rd Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 6-4) MA1 Sean Boyle (Lowell) Champion
ME2/A1  Jake Longley (Noble) * 6th Place Won (MD 10-2) VT3 Shawn Burrington (Spaulding)
  Won (Pin 0:33) RI1 Pat Malloy (Hendricken)
  Won (Pin 5:42) NH1 Josh Huber (Winnacunnet) 5th Place Finisher
  Lost (MD 11-1) MA1 Sean Boyle (Lowell) Champion
  Lost (Dec 7-4) MA2 Jose Cabrera (Springfield Central) 4th Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 6-0) NH1 Josh Huber (Winnacunnet) 5th Place Finisher
ME3/B1  Matt DelGallo (Gardiner) Won (Dec 9-3) VT2 Tim Shields (Otter Valley)
  Lost (Pin 3:07) MA1 Sean Boyle (Lowell) Champion
  Lost (Pin 1:59) CT2 Mike Battinelli (Stamford)

All three of our 112 wrestlers won at least one match and two placed.
All three were defeated in the Championship Bracket by Sean Boyle.  If not for Boyle, might have had a Barkac/Longley Final.

ME1/A1  Chris Smith (Deering) * 6th Place Won (Pin (5:56) MA4 Chris Alvanos (Agawam)
  Won (Dec 5-2) CT2 Charlie Costanzo (Danbury)
  Lost (TF 20-3) NH1 Aaron Kalil (Salem) Champion
  Lost (Dec 2-1) MA3 Ben Ersing (St Johns Prep) 4th Place Finisher
  Lost (Inj) MA2 Mike Testa (Wayland) 5th Place Finisher
ME2/B1  Ivan Bragg (Camden) Lost (Pin 2:51) MA2 Mike Testa (Wayland) 5th Place Finisher
  Won (Pin 4:54) NH2 Joey O'Connor (Timberlane)
  Lost (TF 16-0) MA3 Ben Ersing (St Johns Prep) 4th Place Finisher
ME3/C1  Brian O'Connor (Dexter) Lost (TF 17-0) MA3 Ben Ersing (St Johns Prep) 4th Place Finisher

All three Maine wrestlers had a loss to Ben Ersing (St Johns Prep) 4th Place Finisher.

ME1/A1  Sam Webber (Mt Blue) * 5th Place Won (Dec 10-3) DT3 George Madkour (Danbury)
  Won (Dec 7-0) NH3 Jon Earnshaw (Timberlane)
  Lost (Dec 6-4) RI2 Colin Feeley (Hendricken) 2nd Place Finisher
  Lost (MD 13-3) MA2 Nate Recoulle (S Hadley) 4th Place Finisher
  Won (Dec 3-1) VT1 Scott Legacy (Mt Anthony) 6th Place Finisher
ME2/C1  Tyler Clark (Lisbon) Lost (Dec 6-3) MA2 Nate Recoulle (S Hadley) 4th Place Finisher
ME3/B1  Ernie Matthews (Mtn Valley) Lost (Pin 1:51) MA3 Ryan Harding (St Johns Prep)

ME1/B1  Jimmy Spencer (Belfast)  Lost (Dec 4-0) RI2 Andy Paolucci (N Kingstown) 5th Place Finisher


Won (Dec 5-0) CT4 Alex Helbling (Branford)
  Lost (Pin 4:29) MA3 Brian Story (St Johns Prep)
ME2/A1  Jake Badger (Noble) Won (Dec 4-2) VT3 Travis Garrett (Mt Mansfield)
  Lost (TF 18-2) MA1 Tim Rich (Chelmsford) 3rd Place Finisher
ME3/C1  Bobby Dedovic (Bonny Eagle) Lost (Dec 7-0) MA4 Derek Golner (Tyngsboro)

ME1/A1  Peter Gilman (Massabesic) Won (MD 15-2) MA5 Jarad Doyon (Wayland)
  Lost (MD 10-1) MA1 Craig Carpenter (Catholic Memorial) Champion
  Lost (Dec 6-4) CT3 Sam Wilcox (Griswold) 5th Place Finisher
ME2/C1  Ryan Giusto (Lisbon) Lost (Dec 7-4) CT4 John Smith (Danbury)
ME3/B1  Jack Simpkins (Camden Hills) Lost (Pin 5:20) MA3 Matt Bakalars (Franklin)


ME1/C1  Jon Smith (Dirigo) Won (MD 15-6) CT3 Jordan Jacquo (New Britain)
  Lost (Dec 12-8) VT1 Ethan Raymond (6th Place Finisher)
  Won (Dec 8-5) MA5 Dan Longo (Pembroke)
  Lost (Dec 6-4) MA4 Matt Dempsey (Mt Everett) 5th Place Finisher
ME2/A1  Joe Eon (Massabesic) * 3rd Place Won (Dec 7-4) MA3 Josh Hood (N Andover)
  Won (MD 9-1) RI1 Steve Gorman (Cumberland)
  Lost (Dec 9-3) CT1 T.J. Hepburn (Ledyard) Champion
  Won (MD 15-6) MA6 Nick Stewart (Sharon)
  Won (Dec 5-1) MA2 Howie Choi (Natick)
  Won (Dec 8-1) VT1 Ethan Raymond (Middlebury) 6th Place Finisher
  Won (Pin 1:29) NH1 Corey Black (Keene) 4th Place Finisher
ME3/B1  Cody Laite (Camden Hills) Lost (Pin 2:16) CT4 Steve Flathers (Stratford)

Jon lost a tough QuarterFinals match that would have put him in the medals.
After a win, he lost a close QuarterFinals match in the Consolations that would have again put him in the medals.

Joey gave Champion T.J. Hepburn his toughest match of the day.  He seemed to get a charge from this match,
as he stormed through the rest of his opponents for a 3rd place.  Joey won 6 matches on the weekend!


ME1/C1  Jerod Rideout (Foxcroft) Lost (Dec 7-3) CT4 Mike Bellagamba (New Milford) 4th Place Finisher
ME2/A1  Andrew Howe (Westbrook) Won (Dec 10-6) VT3 Mike Becker (Mt Anthony)
  Won (Dec 10-5) RI1 Sean Soriano (Mt Pleasant)
  Lost (Pin 1:12) NH1 DJ Meagher (Bow) Champion
  Lost (Pin 2:50) CT3 Dean Smith (Danbury) 3rd Place Finisher
ME3/B1  Ben Matthews (Mtn Valley) Won (Pin 1:06) VT2 Steven Rich (Spaulding)
  Lost (Pin 1:30) MA1 Ryan Donovan (Franklin) 6th Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 11-9) CT2 Stefon Camacho (Stamford)

Each Mainer was knocked out of the tournament by a Connecticut wrestler.

ME1/A1  Jon Hussey (Marshwood) * 6th Place Won (Med Forf) MA4 Zach Bates (Pioneer)
  Won (Dec 8-2) CT2 Tyler Howe (Danbury) 3rd Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 4-2) MA1 Vinnie Renaut (Plymouth) Champion
  Lost (Forfeit) RI1 Alfred Raymond (Cranston West) 4th Place Finisher
  Lost (Inj) ME2 Jacob Berry (Camden-Hills) 5th Place Finisher
ME2/B1  Jacob Berry (Camden Hills) * 5th Place Won (Dec 12-6) MA2 Ronnie Tetrault (Ludlow)
  Won (Pin 3:27) VT1 Kyle Elithorpe (Mt Anthony)
  Lost (MD 11-2) CT1 Adrian Gonzalez (Fitch) 2nd Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 8-4) CT2 Tyler Howe (Danbury) 3rd Place Finisher
  Won (Inj) ME1 Jon Hussey (Marshwood) 6th Place Finisher
ME3/C1  Josh Harvey (Dexter) Won (Dec 13-8) MA3 Mike White (Canton)
  Lost (Pin 3:12) CT1 Adrian Gonzalez (Fitch) 2nd Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 11-4) RI1 Alfred Raymond (Cranston West) 4th Place Finisher

All three of our wrestlers won at least one match and two placed.
All 152 losses were to Place Winners.  Almost had a Berry/Hussey Final.  Maybe next year.

ME1/B1  Mike Rolerson (Belfast)  Lost (Dec 9-5) CT3 Tim Vollaro (Somers)

ME2/A1  Brad Smith (Oxford Hills)

Lost (Pin 5:12) MA2 Jeff Brodeur (Mt Greylock) 3rd Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 3-1) CT1 Ryan Roddy (Amity) 6th Place Finisher
ME3/C1  Stephen Klenowski (Bucksport) Lost (Pin 1:26) MA3 Don McNeil (King Philips) 2nd Place Finisher
  Lost (Score ?) RI1 Jason Lamp (Hendricken)

160 was a log jam.  Lots of 1 point to 3 point decisions, both brackets.

ME1/A1  Josh Eon (Massabesic) * 2nd Place Won (Pin 1:12) CT4 Fred Parlos (East Windsor)
  Won (Dec 6-5) MA3 Nick DiAntonio (Milford) 3rd Place Finisher
  Won (Dec 8-6) CT1 Anthony Kaponis (Newington) 4th Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 7-4) NH1 Derek Sickel (Timberlane) Champion
ME2/C1  Kyle Miele (Dirigo) Won (Forf) VT3 Joe LaCross (Mill River)
  Lost (Inj) MA1 Phil Gauthier (Lowell)
ME3/B1  Ray Gauthier (York) Lost (Pin 5:39) Andrew Jardim (Carver) 5th Place Finisher


ME1/B1  Travis Spencer (Belfast) Lost (Dec 9-6) MA5 Marty Recenis (Hopkington)
ME2/A1  Jesse Rayworth (Noble) * 4th Place Won (Dec 10-4) CT4 Joseph Colella (New Britain)
  Won (Dec 3-1) RI1 Josh H-Lombardi (East Providence)
  Lost (Dec 3-1) MA2 Mike Leavitt (Central Catholic) 6th Place Finisher
  Won (Pin 2:39) VT2 Ben Adams (Randolph)
  Won (Dec 3-1) VT1 Matt McVay (Mt Anthony)
  Won (Dec 5-3) NH1 Chris Rideout (Londonderry) 5th Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 8-5) CT3 Julian Hightower (Ledyard) 3rd Place Finisher
ME3/C1  Kevin O'Leary (Dirigo) Lost (Pin 3:20) MA3 Christian Guzman (Lawrence)

ME1/B1  Logan Kelly (Belfast) Lost (MD 15-4) CT3 Marcus Furze (Simsbury)
ME2/C1  Mark Stambach (Lisbon) Won (Pin 4:37) MA3 Alex Glenn (Barnstable)
  Lost (Dec 9-8) RI1 Nick Baccaire (Cranston West)
ME3/A1  Denton Weimer (Deering) Won (Pin 4:19) CT4 Kyle Kiaunis (Morgan)
  Lost (Dec 9-3) NH1 Cody Rideout (Londonderry) 6th Place Finisher

ME1/B1  Kyle Dow (Mtn Valley) Lost (Pin 5:08) RI3 Jesse Alejandro (Cranston West)
ME2/A1  Nate Lavallee (Cape Elizabeth) Won (Dec 9-4) VT3 Matthew Therriault (Rutland)
  Won (Pin 1:57) RI1 Adam Wolowicz (Cumberland)
  Lost (Dec 1-0) MA5 Greg Vaughan (Hingham) 4th Place Finisher
  Lost (Dec 7-2) CT3 Matt Chalmers (Bacon Academy)
ME3/C1  Pat O'Leary (Dirigo) Lost (Pin 4:46) VT2 Ethan Furlon (Mt Anthony)

By The Numbers:

Four weight classes had a winning record: 140 (8-4) * 171 (4-3) * 189 (5-4) * 112 (7-6)

Thirteen of the fourteen weight classes had at least one win.  Almost 2/3's of these wrestlers, and 7 of the 9 medalists, are underclassmen!

We had our highest winning percentage, 42.9%, since returning to the New Englands in 1999 ... can't wait until next year!

Top 10 Teams

Top 10 Maine Teams

1st Lowell MA 73.0 6th Massabesic 41.0
2nd Salem NH 52.5 15th Noble 25.0
3rd Danbury CT 51.0 31st Dexter 19.0
4th St Johns Prep MA 48.5 40th Camden-Hills 16.0
5th Ledyard CT 42.0 56th Deering 9.0
6th Massabesic ME 41.0 56th Marshwood 9.0
7th Mt Anthony VT 40.0 56th Mt Blue 9.0
8th Timberlane NH 39.5 69th Cape Elizabeth 4.0
9th Concord NH 37.0 69th Dirigo 4.0
10th Hendricken RI 36.0 79th Westbrook 2.0

161 Teams Competed


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