Maine High School Wrestling
Maine Results at 2006 New Englands
March 3 & 4, 2006 @ Hillhouse High School, New Haven CT

ME1/B1  Carlin Dubay (Caribou) Lost Dec 6-0 MA5 Brandon Gauthier (Lowell)
ME2/A1  Bryan Anderson (Noble) Lost Dec 5-0 CT4 Mike Battinelli (Stamford)
ME3/C1  Jeff Cossar (Lisbon) Lost Fall 1:10 MA3 Ray Lo (N Quincy)

ME1/C1  Jeremiah Barkac (Dexter)  3rd Place !!!! Won MD 10-2 CT3 Tyler Banks (Griswold) 6th place finisher
  Won Dec 4-3 MA5 Chris Alvanos (Agawam)


Lost Dec 5-4 MA1 Tim Rich (Chelmsford) 2nd place finisher
  Won Dec 4-2 MA2 Carl Anderson (Billerica) 5th place finisher
  Won Dec 7-5 RI1 Shawn Giblin (Cranston West) 4th place finisher
ME2/A1  Jake Longley (Noble) Lost Dec 13-6 MA3 Alex Vargas (Greater Lawrence)
ME3/B1  Josh Robbins (Belfast) Lost TF 23-6 CT4 Ronnie Waters (Cheshire)

Jeremiah had two points (takedown) taken away by 2nd ref in his loss.  Was clearly the aggressor and better wrestler and should have been in the finals.  Rich basically stalled the whole match.

ME1/A1  Allen Stein (Deering) Lost Dec 5-4 CT4 Dave Badgley (Southington) 4th place finisher
ME2/B1  James Spencer (Belfast) Lost Dec 7-2 VT3 Shawn Kimball (Mt Abraham)
ME3/C1  Derek Daley (Dirigo) Lost Fall 3:22 VT2 Jeremy Allen (Rutland)

Allen lost a close decision to the eventual 4th place finisher.  Derek had a 5-2 lead in the 2nd period when he was rolled through on a head-and-arm attempt.

ME1/B1  Joe McGowan (Camden Hills) Lost Dec 8-3 MA4 Kraig Hengst (Quabbin)
ME2/C1  Tyler Clark (Lisbon) Won Fall 4:58 MA2 Jon Cappello (Burlington)
  Lost Dec 3-1 OT VT1 Travis St Hilaire (Colchester) Champion
  Lost Dec 5-4 CT4 Nelson Gonzalez (Platt)
ME3/A1  Chris Smith (Deering) Won Fall 3:23 MA3 Aaron Mounsey (Chelmsford)
  Lost MD 9-0 CT1 Nick Cavallaro (Plainville)

Tyler lost an overtime decision to eventual Champion, Travis St Hilaire.

ME1/B1  Tony Gilmore (Belfast)   4th Place !!! Won Dec 4-3 CT3 Brian Peek (Killingly) 3rd place finisher


Won Dec 3-1 MA1 Mike Betty (Lowell)
  Lost MD 21-8 VT1 Corey Greene (Mt Anthony) Champion
  Won Dec 4-2 CT1 Tyler Howe (Danbury) 5th place finisher
  Lost Dec 3-1 CT3 Brian Peek (Killingly) 3rd place finisher
ME2/C1  Jon Pelletier (Bucksport) Lost Dec 9-4 MA2 Devon Hennessey (Bridge-Raynham) 2nd place finisher
  Lost Dec 7-0 CT1 Tyler Howe (Danbury) 5th place finisher
ME3/B2  True Bragg (Camden Hills) Lost Fall 3:04 MA3 Pablo Espiritusanto (New Mission)

ME1/A1  Jon Hussey (Marshwood) Won MD 11-1 RI2 Sean Miele (Lasalle)
  Lost MD 16-2 MA3 Abe Rosenfeld (Newton South) 6th place finisher
  Lost Forfeit VT1 Ethan Raymond (Middlebury)
ME2/C1  Jon Smith (Dirigo) Won Fall 1:03 VT3 Matt Desabrais (Otter Valley)
  Lost MD 8-0 MA1  John Archambault (Ludlow) 2nd Place finisher
  Lost MD 11-2 NH1 Tyler Saltsman (Concord)
ME3/B1  Shawn Hoagland (Fryeburg) Lost MD 13-5 MA4 Chad Jaramila (Bridge-Raynham)

Jon Hussey was ill and it showed in his 2nd match.  He forfeited his next match.

ME1/C1  Jerod Rideout (Foxcroft) Lost Fall 5:27 MA6 Matt Dempsey (Mt Everett) 5th place finisher
  Won DQ  
  Lost Dec 3-2 MA5 Brian Altman (Longmeadow) 6th place finisher
ME2/B1  Jacob Berry (Camden Hills) No Show  
ME3/A1  Joe Eon (Massabesic) Won Dec 3-1 MA4 Dan Cameron (St John's Prep)
  Lost Dec 8-2 CT1 Frank Cammisa (Danbury) 2nd place finisher
  Lost Dec 5-3 VT1 Seth Coulter (Mt Anthony)

ME1/A1  Steve Chenard (Noble) Lost Dec 6-2 CT3 James Gladue (Griswold) 5th place finisher
  Lost NH3 Scott Aborn (Salem)
ME2/B1  Billy Barry (Wells) Lost Fall 3:35 MA3 Chris Farris (N Andover)
ME3/B2  Cody Laite (Camden Hills) Lost MD 10-0 CT4 Dave Brown (RHAM)

ME1/A1  Dustin Crocker (Mt Ararat) Lost Dec 3-1 CT4 Sam Smith (Bacon)
ME2/C1  Andrew Dubois (Lisbon) Lost MD 12-4 VT3 Seth Dezan (Randolph)
ME3/A2  Doug Williams (Sanford) Won Dec 8-7 VT2 Jevin Carruth (Mt Mansfield)
  Lost TF 17-2 MA1 Brian Sheehan (Lowell) Champion
  Lost Dec 5-1 MA3 Larry Coughlin (N Andover)

ME1/A1  Alan Loignon (Biddeford)   2nd Place !!!!! Won Dec 4-3 VT2 Brian Bailey (Spaulding)
  Won Dec 8-4 CT2 Tim Petrides (Norwalk)
  Won Dec 3-2 NH1 Dustin Moore (Timberlane) 4th place finisher
  Lost Dec 3-0 VT1 Robert Hamlin (Mt Mansfield) Champion !

ME2/B1  Travis Spencer (Belfast)

Lost Dec 9-7 MA2 Jeff Brodeur (Mt Greylock)
ME3/C1  Nic Adams (Lisbon) Lost Dec 5-2 MA3 Joe Bodieri (Foxboro)

ME1/B1  Logan Kelley (Belfast) Won Fall 3:31 CT3 Jeff Espositi (Danbury)
  Lost Fall 2:46 MA1 Nick Avery (Foxboro) Champion
  Lost Dec 7-5 NH3 Kyle Rose (Goffstown)
ME2/A1  Josh Eon (Massabesic)  4th Place !!! Won Inj MA2 Joe Manley (Wayland)
  Lost Dec 9-5 CT1 Bran Crudden (Windham) 2nd place finisher
  Won Fall 2:36 VT2 Chris Hamlin (Mt Mansfield)
  Won Dec 5-2 RI1 Josh H. Lombardi (E Providence)
  Won Dec 4-3 MA4 Ryan Malo (St Johns Prep) 5th place finisher
  Lost MD 13-1 NH1 Derek Sickel (Timberlane) 3rd place finisher
ME3/C1  Kyle Miele (Dirigo) Lost MD 12-1 MA3 Alex Rollins (Silver Lake)

ME1/C1  Adam Tweedie (Bucksport) Won Dec 9-4 CT4 Matt Dabrowski (Bristol Central)
  Lost Fall 1:43 MA3 Ryan Connors (Xaverian) 4th place finisher
  Won Fall 3:30 NH3 John-Leon Gosselin (Nashua North)
  Lost MD 14-1 CT1 Brandon Williamson (Greenwich) 5th place finisher
ME2/A1  Jesse Rayworth (Noble) Won Fall 3:23 VT3 Shannon Sherwood (Mt Anthony)
  Lost Dec 9-4 MA1 Jimmy Hamel (Natick) 2nd place finisher
ME3/B1  Tyler Child (Mtn Valley) Lost Fall 4:38 MA4 Dan Bohenek (Rockland)

ME1/C1  James McPhee (Foxcroft)  4th Place !!! Won MD 15-7 MA5 Ryan Mooreshead (Foxboro)
  Lost Dec 4-3 MA1 AJ Hunte (Brookline) Champion
  Won Fall 1:39 CT3 Matt Vernik (Amity)
  Won Dec 6-5 VT2 Jake Kirk-Elkin (Rutland)
  Won Dec 2-0 CT1 Platon Koukides (Norwalk) 5th place finisher
  Lost Dec 6-1 NH1 Lance Mailloux (Manchester West) 3rd place finisher
ME2/A1  Tyler Robinson (Cony) Won Fall 0:41 CT4 Robert McAviney (Cheshire)
  Lost Dec 5-4 RI1 Anthony Ferrer (Cranston West)
ME3/B1  Brendan Bradley (Mtn Valley) Lost Dec 7-3 MA3 Connor Tierney (N Andover)

James lost a close decision to eventual Champion, A.J. Hunte.

ME1/C1  Josh Pelletier (Foxcroft)   CHAMPION !!!!!! Won Dec 7-3 NH3 Chris Pastrana (Goffstown)
  Won Dec 4-3 MA5 Pat Walsh (Stoughton)
  Won Dec 1-0 MA1 Andrew Regan (Central Catholic) 6th place finisher
  Won Dec 5-1 CT1 Tom Ferrell (New Milford) 2nd place finisher
ME2/A1  Matt Foley (Kennebunk) Lost Dec 7-4 MA3 Steve Parigian (Braintree) 4th place finisher
ME3/B1  Steve Chadwick (Lake Region) Lost Fall 2:23 CT4 Tim Rustek (Portland)

Top 10 Teams

Maine Teams

1st Timberlane NH 108.5 5th Foxcroft 40.0
2nd Salem NH 55.0 28th Biddeford 18.0
3rd Danbury CT 51.5 30th Belfast 16.0
4th Mt Anthony VT 46.5 30th Massabesic 16.0
5th Foxcroft ME 40.0 39th Dexter 15.0
6th Lowell MA 39.0 61st Bucksport 5.0
7th Colchester 36.0 71st Lisbon 4.0
8th Hendricken 34.0 75th Marshwood 3.0
9th Ledyard 33.0 ---- --- --
9th Ludlow 33.0 ---- --- --