Maine High School Wrestling
Maine Results at 2005 New Englands
March 4 & 5, 2005 @ North Andover MA

ME1  Jeremiah Barkac (Dexter) Won TF 18-1 Greg Fontaine (Southington CT)
  Won Fall 2:54 Tim Rich (Chelmsford MA)

5th Place !

Lost TF 17-2 Anthony Valles (South Windsor CT) Champion
  Lost Dec 9-3 John Sughrue (Methuen MA) 3rd Place
  Won Dec 4-0 Dave DeLuca (Longmeadow MA) 6th Place
ME2  Allen Stein (Deering) Won Fall 5:03 Tim Shields (Otter Valley VT)
  Lost Dec 9-4 John Sughrue (Methuen MA) 3rd Place
ME3  Murphy McGowan (Camden) Lost Fall 3:07 Mike Stanley (Natick MA)

ME1  Kyle Bonin (Belfast) Won Dec 10-7 Carl Anderson (Billerica MA)
  Won Dec 12-5 Nick Capello (Burlington MA) 5th Place

6th Place !

Lost MD 14-5 Eric Morrill (Timberlane NH) 2nd Place
  Lost Fall 0:40 Trevor Dearden (Salem NH) 3rd Place
  Lost MD 12-4 Nick Capello (Burlington MA) 5th Place
ME2  Justin Cornell (Lisbon) Lost Fall 4:53 Corey Paulish (Ridgefield CT)
ME3  Chris Smith (Deering) Lost Dec 13-9 Dan Bloom (Sharon MA)

ME1  Zack Doucette (Noble) Lost Dec 5-1 Willy Squarciafilo (Xavier CT)
ME2  True Bragg (Camden) Lost Dec 7-0 Ryan Donovan (Franklin MA)
ME3  Cyle Heaney (Foxcroft) Lost Fall 1:14 Brenn Ward (Waterford CT)

ME1  Jon Hussey (Marshwood) Won TF 19-2 Brian Peek (Killingly CT)

5th Place !

Won Dec 7-6 John Archambeau (Ludlow MA)
  Lost Fall 5:59 Corey Green (Mt Anthony VT) Champion
  Lost Dec 1-0 Nick Palermo (Bethel CT) 4th Place
  Won Default Eduardo Hopp (Central RI) 6th Place
ME2  Tony Gilmore (Belfast) Won Fall 1:31 Matt Scott (Essex VT)
  Lost Dec 7-5 Eduardo Hopp (Central RI) 6th Place
  Lost Fall 5:32 Wade Getchell (Franklin MA)
ME3  Charlie Stambach (Lisbon) Lost Dec 3-0 Matt Parisi (Mt Mansfield)

Charlie was losing 1-0 and trying just about anything to score on the stalling Parisi, thus gave up a takedown late in the match for the 3-0 score.

ME1  Chris Barkac (Dexter) Won MD 20-9 Matt Bakalers (Franklin MA)

2nd Place !

Won Dec 9-2 Nick Meyer (Danbury CT) 6th Place
  Won Dec 6-1 Zeth Nolda (Waterford CT) 4th Place
  Lost MD 19-7 Robert LaBrake (Mt Anthony VT) Champion
ME2  Norman Gilmore (Belfast) Lost TF 18-3 Andrew Hawley (Gateway MA)
ME3  Shane Leadbetter (Sanford) Lost Dec 9-7 Dinis Paivac (New Bedford MA)

ME1  Shane Webber (Mt Blue) Won Dec 6-2 Mike St Aubin (Wilmington MA)
  Lost MD 11-1 Ben Sanchez (Leominster MA) 3rd Place
  Won Dec 5-4 Michael Cabana (Woonsocket RI)
  Lost Dec 9-4 Sam Gauvine (Enfield CT) 4th Place
ME2  James Cruwys (Winslow) No Show  
ME3  Jerod Rideout (Foxcroft) Lost Fall 5:29 John Rivera (Dracut MA)

ME1  Dylan Wentworth (Skowhegan) Lost Dec 10-9 David Stowik (Cumberland RI) 4th Place
ME2  Cody Laite (Camden) Lost Fall 3:50 Paul Lambert (Randolph VT) Champion
  Lost Dec 5-0 Bob Murray (Central Catholic MA) 3rd Place
ME3  Billy Green (Dexter) Lost Dec 13-6 Larry Coughlin (North Andover MA) 5th Place
  Lost Dec 6-0 Michael Hartman (Bishop-Hendricken RI)

All three Maine wrestlers faced a medalist in their 1st match.  Cody had two extremely tough opponents.

M1  Ben Dunham (Belfast) Lost MD 11-1 Ron Tetreault (Ludlow MA)
M2  Ryan Whittemore (Foxcroft) Won Dec 10-4 Jamie Pisano (New Milford CT)
  Lost Fall 1:58 Michael Martini (Cranston West RI)
M3  Dan West (Sanford) Lost TF 16-0 Anthony Loycano (North Andover MA)

M1  Caleb Pelletier (Foxcroft) Won Dec 8-6 Mike Webster (Manchester Central NH)
  Lost Dec 3-1 Bill Blanchette (Triton Regional MA) 6th Place
  Lost Dec 6-3 Bob Blakely (Providence East RI)
M2  Tom Burns (Ellsworth) Lost Fall 1:11 Jameson Sylvia (Sandwich MA)
M3  Doug Williams (Sanford) Won Dec 12-5 Ismael Nieves (Bulkeley CT)
  Won Dec 9-6 Brian Drew (Concord NH)
  Lost TF 19-4 Nick Kelly (Middleboro MA) 5th Place
  Won Dec 8-3 Randy Fellon (Rutland VT)
  Lost Fall 2:56 Nick Avery (Foxboro MA) 4th Place

M1  Alan Loignon (Biddeford) Lost Dec 5-1 Luke Garbordi (Ledyard CT)
  Lost Fall 1:32 Mike Meagher (Bow NH) 3rd Place

M2  Harry Pearson (Camden)

Won Dec 9-7 Ben Adams (Randolph VT)
  Lost Fall 5:34 Michael Biestek (Middletown RI) 5th Place
  Lost fall 1:32 Mike Meagher (Bow NH) 3rd Place
M3  Amos Corson (Dexter) Lost Dec 5-0 Brian Bailey (Spaulding VT)

M1  Randy Briggs (Foxcroft) Lost Fall 3:59 Andrew Verriotto (Essex VT)
M2  Jacob Treadwell (Wells) Lost Fall 0:48 Chris Honeycutt (North Andover MA) 3rd Place
  ? ?
M3  Andy Semple (Deering) Lost Dec 8-4 Craig Field (Hoosic Valley MA)

M1  Chris Smith (Mtn Valley) Won Fall 0:37 Dan Boheneck (Rockland MA)

6th Place !

Lost Dec 9-4 Shawn Fendone (Central Catholic MA) Champion
  Won Fall 0:44 Jared Reynolds (Bow NH)
  Won Dec 6-1 Russ Coutu (Plymouth NH)
  Lost Dec 2-1 Kyle Ayer (St John's MA) 3rd Place
  Lost Dec 3-2 Ray Moore (King Phillip MA) 5th Place
M2  Cory Smith (Oxford Hills) Lost MD 10-0 Kyle Ayer (St John's MA) 3rd Place
  Lost Dec 5-1 Bruno Silva (Weymouth MA)
M3  James McPhee (Foxcroft) Lost Fall 5:00 Ray Moore (King Phillip MA) 5th Place
All three Maine wrestlers had some tough opponents!

M1  Josh Pelletier (Foxcroft) Won MD 10-2 Mark Tarro (Bishop-Hendricken RI)

6th Place !

Won Fall 1:34 Lance Mailloux (Manchester West NH)
  Lost Dec 5-0 Shawn Karasevicz (Waterford CT) 2nd Place
  Lost Dec 1-0 Ryan Sanford (Hartford CT) 3rd Place
  Lost Dec 6-4 Dave Bernstein (Fairfield CT) 5th Place
M2  Nate Webster (Marshwood) No Show  
M3  Brendan Bradley (Mtn Valley) Lost Dec 7-4 Andrew Knapp (Duxbury MA)

M1  David Smith (Mtn Valley) Won Fall 3:50 Matt Shea (Weymouth MA)

6th Place !

Won Dec 5-2 Tracy Delestone (Cheney Tech CT)
  Lost Dec 2-1 Todd Calley (Concord NH) Champion
  Lost Inj Dflt Anel Montenez (Trumbull CT) 4th Place
  Lost Default Thomas Ferrell (New Milford CT) 5th Place
M2  Jon Benson (Biddeford) Lost Dec 4-3 Anel Montenez (Trumbull CT) 4th Place
M3  Pat Reardon (Hermon) Lost Dec 2-1 Matt Fall (Minnechaug MA)
Dave lost a tough 2-1 decision to the eventual Champion on a phantom locking hands call in the Championship Semis.  Dave injured his knee the next match and defaulted that match and the next one to place 6th.  Benson & Reardon both lost one point heartbreakers.  

Top 10 Teams

Maine Teams

1st Timberlane, NH 96.0 14th Dexter 31.5
2nd Mt Anthony, VT 90.0 44th Marshwood 12.5
3rd Danbury CT 77.0 48th Foxcroft 11.0
4th Waterford, CT 56.0 48th Oxford Hills 11.0
5th Lowell MA 55.0 51st Mtn Valley 9.0
6th Central Catholic, MA 40.0 53rd Belfast 7.0
6th Salem, NH 40.0 66th Sanford 3.0
8th Northwestern, CT 37.0 --- --- --
9th Franklin, MA 36.5 --- --- --
10th Dracut, MA 36.0 ---- --- --