Maine High School Wrestling
Maine Results at 2004 New Englands
March 5 & 6, 2004 @ New Haven CT

ME1  Jeremiah Barkac (Dexter) Won 6-4 Chris Fusco (New Fairfield)
  Lost Fall 3:47 Peter Nolin (Dracut MA)  Champion


Won MD 18-5 Chris Greenwood (Manch West)
  Lost 5-2 Aaron Kahil (Salem NH)  6th
ME2  Joe McGowan (Camden Hills) Lost Dec 13-5 Ben Mandelbraut (Sharon)  4th
ME3  Allen Stein (Deering) Lost Dec 14-2 Jeff Smith (Lowell MA)

ME1  Justin Cornell (Lisbon) No Show ?  
ME2  Kyle Bonin (Belfast) Won Fall 5:34 Shawn Kimball (Mt. Abraham)
  Lost Fall 1:14 Rollie Peterkin (Wellesley)  Champion
  Lost Fall 2:49 Justin Glerum (Hol-Brook)
ME3  Derek Young (Camden Hills) Lost Fall 5:34 Shawn Kimball (Mt. Abraham)

ME1  Jake Rollins (Camden Hills) Lost 9-5 Devon Hennessey (Br Raynham)  6th
ME2  Zach Hale (Noble) Won Fall 4:28 Scott Warren (RHAM CT)
  Lost TF 21-6 5:55 Eduardo Hopp (Central)  4th
  Lost MD 14-3 Rob Flinn (Timberlane NH)
ME3  Charlie Stambach (Lisbon) Lost TF 17-2 2:49 Wade Getchell (Franklin)

ME1  Norman Gilmore (Belfast) W Fall 2:40 Paul Avena (Westbrook)
  Lost TF 15-0 2:34 Robert LaBrake (Mt. Anthony VT)  Champion
  Lost MD 11-3 Nick Kalika (Dracut MA)
ME2  Chris Barkac (Dexter) Lost Fall 3:08 Tim Gammons (Natick MA)  5th
ME3  Kyle Hale (Noble) Lost Fall 4:04 Navare Jones (Windham CT)  2nd

Tough luck for Hale, meeting Jones in the pig-tail matches!

ME1  David Gregory (Lincoln Acad) Lost Dec 10-5 Nick Newell (J Law)
ME2  Nathan Hix (Lisbon) Won Fall 5:20 Brian Hernon (Bellows Fa)
  Lost Dec 4-2 Frank Lombardo (Lasalle)
ME3  Shane Webber (Mt. Blue) Lost Fall 4:30 T.J. Maroney (Mt. Anthony VT)  3rd

Tough luck for Webber, meeting Maroney in the pig-tail matches!

ME1  Jarred Porper (Noble) Lost Dec 8-6 Brian Parow (Malden Cat)  3rd
  Lost Dec 13-12 Eric Murphy (New London CT)
ME2  Derek Giusto (Lisbon) Lost Dec 7-6 Aaron Horowitz (Weston)  5th
  Won Fall 1:44 Jonathan Rule (Middlebury)

6th Place !

Won Dec 10-3 Shane Corsi (Cumberland)
  Lost Dec 5-2 Brian Parow (Malden Cat)  3rd
  Lost Dec 13-10 Aaron Horowitz (Weston)  5th
ME3  Tom Burns (Ellsworth) Lost MD 10-0 Paul Akil (Norwood)

Giusto came back from mid-season injury to have a great New Englands!

ME1  Seth McAlister (Oxford Hills) Lost Dec 6-5 Ron Tolk (Avon CT)  3rd
ME2  Troy Clark (Lisbon) Lost Dec 10-6 Wes Parker (Natick MA)  Champion
  Lost Dec 8-6 Kurtis Strout (Windham CT)
ME3  Mike Dumas (Kennebunk) Won Fall 1:00 Bruce Rich (Chelmsford MA)
  Won Fall 1:34 Jerry Rico (Cranston E)

4th Place !

Lost Dec 9-7 Chris Lauria (Nashua NH)  6th
  Won Fall 1:51 Chris Lee (Southington)
  Won Fall 0:58 Kurtis Strout (Windham CT)
  Won Fall 0:34 Brian Sheehan (Lowell MA)  5th
  Lost Dec 6-5 Rob Tolk (Avon CT)  3rd

Great showing for Maine.  Almost all losses were to medalists.  McAlister & Dumas both lost to Tolk by identical 6-5 scores.  Dumas had a great tournament, 5 pins in 5:57, unbelievable!  (Second highest pins for this Tournament was one wrestler with 3, Tolk).  Clark lost a couple of close matches.  If brackets were different, all three might have placed.

ME1  Chris Remsen (Camden Hills) Won Fall 2:59 Ben Lane (Morgan)
  Won Dec 7-0 Ken Volkmer (Mt. Anthony VT)  6th


Won Dec 6-3 Bran Crudden (Windham CT)  3rd
  Won Dec 7-3 Tony Pallaria (Central Catholic MA)  2nd
ME2  Colby Lamson (Marshwood) Won Fall 2:37 Brady Rice (Essex)
  Lost Fall 3:46 Tony Pallaria (Central Catholic MA)  2nd
  Lost Dec 8-3 Jesse Wrubel (Conard CT)  5th
ME3  Max Kennedy (Foxcroft) Won Fall 3:52 Travis Hart (Leominster)
  Lost Fall 0:56 Ben Classen (Mt. Hope)

Chris Remsen, 4 time State Champ, New England Champ !

ME1  Decota Cotten (Noble) Won Fall 2:18 Eric Siegmann (King Phili)
  Won MD 11-3 Dan Rokas (Central Catholic MA)  3rd


Won Fall 1:03 Chris Marks (Northwestern CT) 6th


Won MD 13-5 Greg Dussoi (RHAM CT)  2nd
ME2  Cliff Gardner (Mt. View) Won Dec 7-2 Andrew Holden (Glastonbury CT)
  Lost Dec 7-4 Brandon Scotti (Cranston E)
ME3  Caleb Pelletier (Foxcroft) Lost Dec 8-2 Joe Murphy (Cent Spring)

What can you say about Cotten, 2 Time State Champ, 2 time New England Champ!

ME1  Tad Butterfield (Marshwood) Won Dec 8-3 Bryant Reed (S. Windsor)
  Lost Dec 2-0 Joe Bellini (Burrillvil)  Champion


Lost Dec 6-1 Jonathan Brown (Mt. Mansfield VT)  3rd
ME2  Adam Tweedie (Bucksport) Lost Fall 3:12 Doug Washington (St. Johns P)
ME3  Harry Pearson (Camden Hills) Lost Dec 5-1 Anthony Parrish (Fairfield)

Butterfield wrestled great but had a lousy draw.  Lost to eventual Champion 2-0!

ME1  Randy Briggs (Foxcroft) Lost Dec 7-5 Eric Sellers (Ridgefield)
ME2  Jonathon Brooks (Marshwood) Won Fall 3:24 Nick Deluce (Mt. Anthony VT)
  Lost Dec 8-4 Matt Cameron (Middletown)  6th
ME3  Dan Racaniello (Kennebunk) Won Fall 0:52 Jordan Martin (Otter Valley)
  Lost TF 20-4 Sobhan Namvar (Needham)  3rd
  Won Dec 9-7 Ryan Lavelle (Fairfield)
  Lost MD 17-7 Matt Cameron (Middletown)  6th

ME1  Bryan Creamer (Camden Hills) Lost Dec 3-1 Mike Bishop (Belchertow)
ME2  Dan Cofone (Westbrook) Lost Fall 5:40 Brian Siafakis (Woburn MA)  Champion
  Won Dec 6-0 Travis Felion (Rutland)

4th Place !

Won Fall 3:28 Mike Stolley (Winnacunne)
  Won Dec 7-0 Tony Couitt (East Prov RI)  6th
  Lost Dec 4-0 Shawn Karasevicz (Waterford CT)  3rd
ME3  ?    

Great tournament for Cofone.

ME1  Jon Benson (Biddeford) Lost Dec 7-1 Mike Labeef (Killingly)
ME2  Josh Pelletier (Foxcroft) Lost Dec 7-0 Will Thorng (Quabbin)  6th
ME3  Pat Casten (Wells) Won Dec 11-5 Chris Byrne (Tewksbury)
  Lost Fall 0:21 Dan Charest (East Prov RI)

ME1  Dave Smith (Mtn Valley) Won Fall 1:13 Chris Finnie (Windham CT)
  Won Fall 0:51 Dan Walsh (Bellows Fa)

6th Place !

Lost Fall 3:50 James McGillicuddy (St. Johns Sh)  Champion
  Lost Dec 9-5 Jim Conners (Mt. Mansfield VT)  4th
  Lost Dec 3-1 Tim Ferreira (Danbury CT)  5th
ME2  Josh Avery (Bonny Eagle) Won Fall 5:28 Brad Calabro (Essex)
  Lost Dec 8-3 Joe Donnelly (Carver)  3rd
  Lost TF 20-5 4:10 Jason Gagnon (Manch Mem)
ME3  Chris Lewis (Foxcroft) Lost Fall 5:19 Jim Connors (Mt. Mansfield VT)  4th

Tough luck for Lewis, meeting Connors in the pig-tail matches!  Smith, only a sophomore!

Top 10 Teams

Maine Teams

1st Mt. Anthony VT 95.5 14th Noble 27.0
2nd Timberlane NH 78.0 19th Camden Hills 24.0
3rd Danbury CT 69.5 22nd Kennebunk 21.0
4th Central Catholic MA 65.5 44th Westbrook 12.0
5th Lowell MA 58.5 47th Mtn Valley 11.0
6th Mt. Mansfield VT 40.0 55th Lisbon 7.0
7th Windham CT 37.0 66th Belfast 4.0
8th Pinkerton NH 34.5 66th Dexter 4.0
9th Natick MA 34.0 80th Marshwood 2.0
10th Woburn MA 33.0 ---- --- -.-
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