Mexico High School
Class of 1971
Seventeen Classmates at 40th Reunion 2011

Fred Edwin Allen, Jr.

Ronald John Arsenault

Jeannette Marie Daigle

Paul George Dubendris

Janet Alice Law

Susan Margaret Martineau

Gary Lee McGuire

Gary Michael McHale

Wayne Scott McPherson

Penny Jo Naples

Linda Mae Perry

Peter Arthur Robichaud

Harry Lee Smith, Jr.

Victor Eli Thibodeau

Gary Wayne Weston

Robert Alan Young
Classmates no longer with us in Italic

Was great to see everyone.  Thank you to Rumford for again having their reunion with ours ... would have been kind of empty with only 17 classmates.

See most of these classmates now and then in town.  Haven't seen Janet or Jeannette for quite a while.  Was great to see Paul Dubendris ... haven't seen him since we graduated.  He still looks the same.  Most of the classmates there this year haven't changed much at all.  All were easily recognizable.

Had planned to circulate among the Rumford 71ers ... there were at least a few that I did know there, but got caught up in reminiscing with my Pinto classmates.   Will have to circulate better at the next one.

Chris Mann was also there but I don't have his picture.


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